Praying to Pancho Villa?

image I understand the power of prayer. It is part of my daily life. It is how I was raised. We went to Catholic school as children. We had to say our prayers during class and the nuns had us go to confession often.

Growing up my grandmother always kept an altar in her bedroom with a large statue of La Virgen de Guadalupe,  a rosary and pictures of loved ones. She always had  a candle burning as part of her faith.

But I am certain none of those candles ever had an image of Pancho Villa. La Virgen – yes. St. Jude – surely. Jesus Christ – definitely! But Pancho Villa is a definite no.

I came across these candles in the one tiny store you’ll find in Lozano, Texas. It is a community off the beaten path. The store had candles like my grandmother used, but right in the front it had these red candles with Pancho Villa.

I’m certain my grandmother never would have said her prayers to Pancho Villa even though my dad, her oldest son who was named after her brother, was nicknamed Pancho.

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