A border crisis

As long as we have different political parties we will always have a difference of opinions.

A U.S. House congressional hearing was held recently in McAllen, Texas to discuss the current immigration crisis that has swept across South Texas – thousands of illegal immigrants making their way from Central America to the United States of America.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is adamant the flow of immigrants must stop.

“Unless the United States clearly sends the message that we are not going to allow this flow … it will be a deluge (of immigrants),” he testified at the hearing. “You can not come to the United States just because someone is handing out a flyer.”

The flyer he mentions refers to the rumors spreading throughout countries in Central America that if immigrants, especially women with small children, make their way to the United States they will be allowed to stay in the U.S.

I’m broken up over the issue.

I think I understand the plight of the women – thousands upon thousands of them – wanting to leave what they say are their battle scarred, cartel controlled towns. I have nothing in my life to even begin to comprehend what their families have endured.

A few weeks ago I drove near the bus station wondering if I’d find Central Americans arriving in the Valley. It didn’t take but a few seconds to find a group walking through town.

Four young women with eight small children. In one hand each woman held tightly to the youngest children and in the other they each carried backpacks and jackets.

That’s it. No luggage. No food. No car. No smartphone. No ear buds. Just 12 people 1000 miles away from home walking along a street in the Rio Grande Valley in the middle of a blistering South Texas afternoon.

This month the militia announced they’re coming to South Texas to “stop an invasion,” according to the Minuteman Project website. They’re looking for 3,500 non-militia volunteers for “Project Normandy.”

Oh dear Lord that’s all we need in the Rio Grande Valley … another influx of Americans making their way to the border.

Each time I read another story I wonder should the immigrants be allowed to remain in our country or should they be sent back to their own? Should the militiamen and others be allowed to stay in our communities or should we send them back to their own?

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